We will find something for you! Whether permanent employment or as a leasing worker

Our agency offers the following employment opportunities


Agency staff will be hired for a temporary period (minimum 3 months) with the possibility of contract renewal.


Temporary workers are employed for a limited period of time, but are considered permanent employees of the company that employs them. In this case, the agency guarantees that it will not manipulate or transfer these employees to other jobs, and that only the company that invested in their training is entitled to them for the duration of the contract. In this case, the contract is concluded for an indefinite period, with an agreed notice period.


An open-ended contract is concluded with the customer, even if the customer currently has no need to increase staff. It is concluded for later use, e.g. if the customer receives extraordinary orders during the year or expands production and there is a need to increase the staff.
On the basis of this contract, the client will be added to the agency's database free of charge. Only when there is an actual need for our services, our agency will provide the staff in the required number and based on the client's needs. Only at this moment the contract comes into force. This form of cooperation is a very operational solution for the client to the current shortage of manpower.

Depending on the number of employees, we are able to provide the customer with the offered services under the following conditions

Up to 10 employees

Realization up to 7 days before the desired date

10 or more employees

Request 14 days before the desired date of use

More Employees

In this case, the start date can be fixed or rolling

Specific requests are made by the customer on the basis of a concluded contract. These are then part of the contract and can be transmitted in electronic form. The agency then subsequently confirms the requests and they become binding for both parties.

Subsequent settlement of the work performed shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the contract. It is usually done on a monthly basis according to mutually agreed daily settlements of employees. An approximate selection of disciplines with a corresponding hourly rate can be found in the next section of our offer. The specific hourly rate and the due date of the invoice are always subject to personal negotiations.

We will be happy to provide you with internal information such as a detailed tariff analysis, references about our agency and answers to further questions in a personal meeting.

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